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Bronco Hardtop Q+A

by John Gerwatosky | Sep 5, 2022, 1:00PM

  1. When will I receive my hardtop?
    1. We appreciate everyones patience while we finish developing and validating the first prototype. All pre-orders are scheduled to ship closer to the end of the year as long as no supply chain issues arise. We are very certain that the extra time is well worth the wait! 
    1. Is the ADV Fiberglass hardtop different from Ford Stock hardtop? 
      1. Yes, we have engineered a 100% COMPLETELY new product. We took all the issues that the OEM hardtop was plagued with and used that to our advantage to make a superior product. 
    2. Will your hardtop be better than any current and future competition? 
      1. Yes we are 100% confident that our hardtop will outshine any current or future competition.Some of you may have seen a competitors product, however, we don’t consider that a product. It is a duplicate/copy of the Ford top. We believe it is wrong and unethical to copy someone else’s product and try to sell it as their own. It is an insult to engineers and designers when this occurrence happens. With that being said, the Ford top is already plagued with issues so why would a customer want to buy that top from Ford or from another manufacture copying it?  
    3. How is the installation process?
      1. We understand that hardtops are a very large part and we started the engineering process with that in mind. With that being said, our hardtop is a bolt together design which makes it easy to install and ship (and uninstall if wanted). We will develop an installation video in the near future to show you how easy it is to install. 
    4. What’s your favorite part about the hardtop?
      1. Our favorite part is the slant at the rear. We love how it follows the retro lines of the past Broncos. It adds distinct styling and sets our customers apart from the factory tops. 
    5. Why did the hardtop take so long to make?
      1. The hardtop is a HUGE undertaking. Our team and many other teams collectively have thousands of hours in engineering and developing this hardtop. We did not want to make a sub-par product and we spent our time perfecting it. Every single part on our hardtop is an ADV part, we do not use a single OEM part. We understand the delay is not ideal, BUT we assure that the extra time we spent on finishing the top paid off. It is a SPECTACULAR product and we are excited to start shipping them this year. 
    6. What does your hardtop come with?
      1. Here is the BOM for the one-piece hardtop (Modular is very similar, just a few more parts). 
        1. Don’t be scared by this list, majority of this is already pre-assembled to make it an easy installation process that takes less than an hour. 
      1. Does your hardtop accept roof racks? 
        1. Yes it sure does. We reused the same factory mounting locations. All roof racks that work with the factory hardtop will work with ours. 
      2. Anything Special about your hardtop? 
        1. We will go through all the special features that differentiates our hardtop from the OEM in the next couple weeks of content. 
      3. How’s the inside noise compared to stock?
        1. Based on testing with our one-piece hardtop, it is noticeably quieter than the factory OEM hardtop and soft top. We will be doing a decibel test with a fully stock bronco when the next production unit arrives to provide the results to our customers. 
      4. When’s the two door version releasing?
        1. At this time, we do not plan on developing a hardtop for the 2-Door Bronco. However if we receive enough interest then we will consider it (No promises).
      5. What colors does that hardtop come in?
        1. We offer three different options:
          1. Black UV Textured
          2. White UV Textured
          3. High Build Primer
      6. What is the difference between the one-piece and the modular hardtop?
        1. The one-piece is one continuous panel from the front of the vehicle to the back of the vehicle which will provide a very quiet ride. 
        2. The modular hardtop has two removable pieces: one above the driver and one above the passenger. This allows the occupants to remove those portions and have an “open air feel” while driving. 
      7. How much are the Ford Bronco Hardtops?
        1. The OEM hardtop ranges from $10,000+.
        2. Our hardtops start at $5250 at this current time. Take advantage of pre-order pricing before it goes up. 
      8. What is the weight of the hardtop?
        1. The total weight will be around 100lbs.
      9. How can we get paint match?
        1. If you are looking to have a color matched top, then you will want to select the “High Build Primer” option. This option will make it easy for your local body shop to color match the hardtop to your vehicle's color. We are working on a local standardized paint and installation option, details TBD. 
      10. Will the hardtop work with TopLiftPro?
        1. We will test this in the future. 
      11. Is the hardtop ready to bolt on and replace a factory hardtop?
        1. Yes it sure is. It is a very easy and seamless process.
      12. Difference between sound deadening and no sound deadening?
        1. The sound deadening headliner that we offer is an upgrade which will help decrease the amount of noise inside the cabin from the outside environment. 
      13. Will there be any detailed installation videos?
        1. Yes we will be developing a full installation video and guide for our customers in the near future. 
      14. Any extra steps putting a hard top onto a soft top Bronco?
        1. Nope! It is as easy as removing the soft top and installing our hardtop. We will develop an installation guide and video later this year for all our customers. The guide and video will be very detailed and will answer all install questions. 
      15. More of a statement but please do a 2-door version!
        1. Unfortunately we do not plan on developing a 2-Door Hardtop. If we receive more interest in it then we will consider it. 
      16. Will I be able to swap out my soft top with this hard top?
        1. Yes, you sure will! 
      17. Are you going to color match a hard top and show us what it looks like?
        1. We plan to keep a black uv textured hardtop on our shop Bronco. We will definitely post content and pictures of the finished color matched customer hardtop in the future. 
      18. Is the glass for the windows included?
        1. Yes we include all glass for the hardtop. 
      19. Does the rear window lift up like the OEM hardtop? 
        1. Yes, it opens similar to the OEM hardtop. 
      20. Can you take the front top off? Similar to a sunroof?
        1. Yes you can remove the front two pieces on the modular hardtop. 
      21. How many pieces is the modular hard top?
        1. Our modular hardtop has two removable portions. 
      22. How difficult is the hardtop to take on and off a Bronco? 
        1. It is very easy and can be a DIY project for our customers. 
      23. Will you offer financing at any point?
        1. Yes, we do plan to offer financing but unfortunately we do not have a timeline as to when we will offer that. 
      24. Can a single person remove the hardtop by themself?
        1. We recommend two people to tackle the install. 
      25. Will ADV offer installation services for the Bronco hardtop?
        1. Yes we sure will! 
      26. Can you please do sound tests!
        1. We will do a decibel test with a production unit on a fully stock bronco. Our shop bronco is WAY too modified to provide the correct decibel reading. However switching from the soft top to our hardtop is a VERY noticeable difference. 
      27. What does it mean when you say there's 102 parts to your Bronco hardtop?
        1. There are 102 pieces to develop each hardtop. The one-piece hardtop comes in four major components; driver side rear assembly, passenger side rear assembly, rear hatch assembly, and the main top assembly. These pieces will all be bolted together in a very quick process. The customers WILL not need to install 102 pieces, they will simply install those 4 assemblies to each other. 
      28. Why is this Ford Bronco Hardtop so beautiful?
        1. It is the ADV Touch! 
      29. Can we see a full walk around video of your hardtop?
        1. Yes we will be posting much more hardtop content in the upcoming weeks.