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About ADV

Welcome to Advanced Fiberglass Concepts. We are in the coveted spot filling the void in providing the gold standard in designing and manufacturing aftermarket fiberglass body panels from those who have been before us. All of our molds are made in house from only the best designers in the industry.

Expert Craftsmanship

When you purchase an Advanced Fiberglass Concept part, you're getting quality backed from our expert craftsmanship. We pride ourselves in the fact that our manufacturing is always evolving to offer the best finished product for our customers.

To help you understand our founding, we have learned from those who paved the way before us.Ourfiberglass body panels are based on the tried and true ingenuity of those who understood the needs of this market, all starting back in the days when the off-road racing industry wasn't considered a “true sport.” We researched the industry and discovered that little was being developed or offered for the daily drivers and weekend warriors wanting the race truck or pre-runner style.

Built to Endure Desert Competition

Our product line includes over 200 parts to meet every need.Ourfiberglass body panels are built to endure the harsh conditions that the desert can offer.Many of the top off-road teams have used ourfiberglass body panels we offer on their chase vehicles and race trucks, because they know - as do all of our customers - that we care about aesthetic appeal and durability, it shows in all of our products.

Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

When buying our fiberglass, make sure to look for our logo, located on the back of our product, to ensure it is a true Advanced Fiberglass Concept product. There are several imitators producing our designs, yet they do not provide the same quality, fit, and durability that our products are known for.

Although we offer an extensive product line of aftermarket,fiberglass body panels, we specialize in custom projects as well. From our beginning, we have designed and manufactured many different projects, servicing numerous different industries. If interested in a custom project, please contact us at (714) 695-8400 or


Be confident knowing that ADV will get you through your next adventure, whether that's a trip to the desert, mountains, or to crawl over that curb at the mall.