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Investing in Our Future with Technology

by John Gerwatosky | Feb 1, 2022, 8:00AM

Over the last 18 months, we have transformed our operation with the help of added equipment, staff, and strategic partnerships. 

We put a majority of our success in the purchase of our Aerospace 5-Axis CNC Machine from CMS. This machinery helps us design with .003" of accuracy. In turn that helps us to provide the best fitting parts in the industry. 

Our machine is an integrated machining center for vertical milling, ideal for composite materials, aluminum, light alloys and metals processing. The advanced design of its structures and the result of CMS’s continuous investments in R&D with the sophisticated technological solutions adopted, provide rigidity and precision over time, and exceptional movement dynamics. These features guarantee quality finishing levels, unparalleled accuracy and a high productivity level.

  • Very large working areas for maximum productivity freedom, wide range of electrospindles, fully designed and manufactured within the SCM Group.
  • Wide configurability of the working areas (single zone or pendular cycle).
  • Precision suited to the most demanding applications (aerospace, motor sports, etc.)
  • CMS Adaptive Technology, function integrated into the control that allows the operator to achieve maximum removal parameters of material on a specific surface by simply calling up the relevant mapping. CMS Adaptive Technology significantly reduces cycle times on complex surfaces without compromising the finishing quality and precisions.