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Ford Raptor Fiberglass Fenders Create a Monster Out Of A Beast

by John Gerwatosky | Feb 1, 2018, 11:00AM

While the classic F-150 is designed as an everyday truck, the Raptor is a different story. The Raptor, much like the land roving prehistoric dinosaur that bears its name, is designed to cut through rough and rugged terrain at high speeds. As one of the leading producers of aftermarket high-quality fiberglass fenders for Fords, Advanced Fiberglass Concepts supplies racers and off-road enthusiasts with Ford Raptor fiberglass fenders, fiberglass Ford bedsides for Raptors, and Ford Raptor flares to give you the ultimate racing machine.

Technically the F-150 Raptor, the off-road beast was first unveiled in 2008 and put on the market in 2010. While F-150 is perfectly capable of handling some off-roading, it really needs some aftermarket additions to get the most out of it. When Ford noticed just how many people were altering the F-150 with better suspensions and more powerful engines, as well as fiberglass flares and fenders, they decided to cut out some of the hard work for their customers and offer a solution. Thus, the Raptor was born with a base 5.4-liter engine with 310 horsepower, and an optional 6.2-liter V8 engine and over 411 horsepower.

Horsepower aside, this truck was born to be a badass with a rough and rowdy appearance, chiseled edges, and a beefy body. And yes, we realize we described the Raptor in the same manner we would describe Arnold Schwarzenegger, but can you blame us? It is heavier and wider than the F-150, and has more of a “classic truck” interior than the more luxurious F-150. It also is Ford’s first truck since the 1980s that features ‘FORD’ spelled out on the grill, rather than the blue Ford oval. Because the Raptor was designed with offroad racing in mind, it was subjected to the harshest performance tests Ford had to offer to ensure that this is a truck that can hit different terrains over and over and over again.

While the first 2010 model boasted impressive horsepower (the 2018 is up to 450 horsepower for the stock model with an EcoBoost 3.5-liter V6 engine), the bread-and-butter of an off-road vehicle isn’t in the horsepower, but the suspension. The original model had 11.2 inches of usable travel in the front and 13.4 inches in the rear suspension, making even older models experts at catching air and landing with as much grace as a pickup truck can have. The 2018 features 13 inches of travel in the front at 14 inches in the rear,an aluminum body, and a whole lot of power.

The Raptor is, without a doubt, “built Ford tough,” but don’t confuse it for a truck that’s all brawn and no brains. The Raptor fixed a problem that many off-road junkies dealt with on a daily basis. They partnered with Fox to create a sturdy all-terrain suspension, but drew on their own expertise to create a high-tech truck that featured the latest technology at the time - something lacking in many other off-road models. The original model included features such as Roll Stability Controlthat detects a potential roll and brakes where necessary to prevent it, as well as the option to switch between ‘sport’ and ‘full off-road mode as needed. The 2010 also featured Trailer Sway Control, Electronic Locking Differential, Hill Descent Control, and an Auxiliary Switch Board to control all the settings. 

For years, the F-150 was the “it truck,” and in many ways still is. But that doesn’t mean that its close cousin, the Raptor, is short on awards and recognitions. In 2017 alone, the Raptor won “Pickup Truck Of The Year” from Four Wheeler, “Best Pickup” from and the Northwest Automotive Press Association, “Truck Of The Year” from and Popular Mechanics, and “Must-Test Drive Winner” from Autotrader.

Of course, no pickup is race-ready right off the lot. But the Raptor is about as close as it gets. The EcoBoost engine in the newer models generates more power than the original 6.2 liter V8 and has 510 pounds per foot of torque. For true off-roading capabilities, you’ll obviously need bigger and badder tires. Unfortunately, the stock model only allows for so much room between the wheel well and the fenders. That’s where we come in. Advanced Fiberglass is proud to be a top supplier of aftermarket body panels for multiple makes, models, and years of trucks. Our fiberglass fenders are hand-laid in the USA by skilled craftsmen dedicated to bringing you the best fiberglass body parts available. Because we make our fiberglass bedsides and fenders specifically for your make and model, they fit like a glove and are built to handle even the roughest terrain. We have fiberglass flares and fenders for different Fords, but if you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for Ford Raptor fiberglass fenders, Ford Raptor flares, or Raptor fiberglass bedsides. We even provide Ford F-150-to-Raptor fiberglass fenders and bedsides so you can take your F-150 and beef it up for the dunes.