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2021-2022 Ford Bronco Sasquatch Forged Carbon Flares

2021-2022 Ford Bronco Sasquatch fender flares, hand-laid in the USA. Price includes set of two flares (driver and passenger side). These flares are the factory style made with Forged Carbon Fiber (Also known as Chopped Carbon). Reuses factory hardware.

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Have a question? 714-695-8400
Ask A Specialist - Live Chat

  • Our forged carbon Sasquatch flares for the 2021-2022 Ford Broncos are handcrafted right here in America to ensure the kind of quality, durability, and craftsmanship you’ve come to expect from Advanced Fiberglass Concepts. Each Ford Bronco forged carbon flare is made specifically for your model and year and designed for a seamless transition between the factory panels and our aftermarket body panels. These Bronco fender flares are a perfect match for our 2021+ Ford Bronco Heat Extractor Hood and 2021+ Ford Bronco Ram Air Hood.

    • Forged Carbon/Chopped Carbon is hand-laid in America to ensure quality
    • Molded specifically to replace Bronco flares
    • Designed to be long-lasting even during the toughest rides and climates
    • Made in the USA
    • Comes standard in forged carbon fiber
    • Part Number: AFC 176SF (Front Flares) + AFC 177SF (Rear Flares) 
  • 1. Ford Bronco
    • Bronco
      • 2021 - 2022

    All of our products are fairly easy to install. You will need a few hand tools and a few hours of time, depending on the products you have purchased. Also, you will reuse most of your stock hardware during this installation—it is typical to have a few screws and bolts left over, however. Advanced Fiberglass Concepts LLC does recommend that a professional install for a seamless fit install these products.

    Tools required for most install:

    Socket set
    Drill and drill bits
    Screw drivers (Flat head and Phillips);

    Step 1: Remove Factory Flares by twisting the knobs under the flare and pulling the flare off the vehicle. 

    Step 2: Remove all factory hardware from the stock plastic flare.

    Step 3: Reinstall all factory hardware into our forged carbon flares 

    Step 4: Reinstall and secure our forged carbon flare onto the vehicle. 

    You may need to sand some of the material down so the factory hardware is reinstalled and positioned correctly. This is because fiberglass/carbon is thicker than the plastic flares. If you need further assistance with this installation, feel free to call us—one of our techs will be more than happy to help you.

    These instructions are useful for all fenders sold by Advanced Fiberglass Concepts.—therefore some of the steps may not be needed or should be slightly altered to suit your particular vehicle and product needs.

    Thank you for purchasing our product(s). We hope you are satisfied with the final result.