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Changing the Market, One Design at a Time

by John Gerwatosky | Sep 1, 2017, 12:00PM

At Advanced Fiberglass Concepts, we take pride in all of the products that we design and manufacture. It is labor-intensive to make our fiberglass fenders and bedsides, but the hard work and manpower is worth it to know that we’ve provided you with the best products on the market.

One thing we like to do here on the Advanced Fiberglass Concepts blog is highlight the talented individuals who use our products to enhance their truck builds. Today, we want to show off two great builds that use Advanced Fiberglass Concepts fiberglass fenders and bedsides.

Ken Block’s RaptorTrax Build

The creative mind behind this snowcat, Ken Block, is a well-known rally driver. He’s competed in multiple X Games and World Rallycross competitions, and was recently seen on the BBC showTop Geardoing donuts around London with Matt Leblanc.

After seeing this truck build, you’re going to question every time you’ve referred to a nothing-special build as a “monster truck.” If normal monster trucks are the Boogey Man, this truck is basically the love child of Godzilla and The Predator. Starting as a humble Ford F150 Raptor, this desert truck has morphed into a snow-trekking beast that even the Abominable Snowman would be proud to cruise through the Rockies in. Alright - that’s enough monster talk (except for, of course, that giant green Monster Energy logo splattered on the rear door panel).

Ford provided a full roll cage that expands into the bed of the truck, and the cab is equipped with racecar-style seats and harnesses. A Rigid Industries light bar makes this a snowcat ready for night driving, and a custom top cargo rack.

Powered by a Whipple supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine, this beast boasts 650 horsepower - and it needs it. The RaptorTrax is equipped with four Mattracks snow treads, each weighing roughly 350 pounds. Housing those snow-eating tracks are our very own fiberglass fenders. While a lift kit might have been all Ken needed fit the Mattracks, having extra room in the fenders and bedsides allows for bystanders to ogle at the electric blue suspension underneath and limit any fender damage caused by bounding up and down bumpy slopes. When this much strain is placed on a car, you need top quality products that can support it. Our fiberglass fenders and bedsides are hand laid in America to prevent warping and cracking, making them a top choice for custom builds.

2007 Silverado Prerunner With Front And Rear Fiberglass Fenders

At first glance, this truck build might not look as striking as Ken Block’s, but this 2007 Silverado is still a beast in its own right. The build began in the hands of Firehouse Fabrication, but was finished after it was sold to another owner (Instagram: @durtycam). Designed to handle deep dunes and steep inclines, this Chevy experienced a major suspension upgrade. To make the ride even smoother, the cab is equipped with two Twisted Stitch bucket seats with harnesses to make sure the driver actually stays behind the wheel when he takes this goliath off-roading.

With an engine upgrade by B3Tuning, the motor produces a suave 400 horsepower with a tied-in suspension for extra strength.

With titanic 37-inch BF Goodrich Baja tires, this build couldn’t have worked without replacement fenders on the front and rear of the vehicle. For rides this bumpy, you need quality fiberglass fenders and bedsides that can handle the tasks you put it to. Clearly, these guys made the right choice using Advanced Fiberglass Concepts’ Silverado fenders that are designed to fit this specific model and year.

Advanced Fiberglass Concepts Is Advancing The Game

More and more people are starting their own truck builds. As you can see, it takes more than just one company to provide all the quality pieces that come together to make a true beast. One business specializes in making seats, another provides lights, and us - we make fiberglass body parts that will withstand the toughest rides. Our truck panels and replacement fenders are a cut above the rest. We start with the best craftsmen, get them using the highest quality fiberglass available, and hand lay each fiberglass body part to ensure durability and proper fitment of our finished products.

Are you working on a build that needs replacement fenders and bedsides? Advanced Fiberglass Concepts offers the best quality fenders for Fords, Chevrolets, Jeeps, and more. Check out our collection or find a licensed Advanced Fiberglass Concepts dealer near you.