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Bronco Q + A

by John Gerwatosky | Feb 28, 2023, 10:48AM

  1. When will I receive my hardtop?
    1. Majority of hardtops are in the final stage of production. We have been waiting on the final component (rubber) to be delivered. We have been getting consistent updates (pictures of progress) from our manufacturer and the order is almost completed. Final assembly will begin as soon as we receive the rubber. 
  2. Will there by any detailed install videos for the hardtop?
    1. Yes, we will be developing a full installation video and guide for our customers in the near future.
  3. Why is the hardtop taking so long to make?
    1. Supply chain has been the main reason for the delays. 
  4. How’s the inside noise of your hardtop compared to stock?
    1. Based on testing with our shop Bronco hardtop, it is noticeably quieter than the factory OEM hardtop and soft top. We will be doing a decibel test with a fully stock bronco to provide the results to our customers.
  5. What’s the difference between the one piece and the modular hardtop?
    1. One-piece Bronco hardtop: one continuous panel from the front of the vehicle to the back of the vehicle which will provide a very quiet ride.
    2. Modular Bronco hardtop: two removable pieces; one above the driver and one above the passenger. This allows the occupants to remove those portions and have an “open air feel” while driving.
  6. Are the hardtop windows made of glass and can they be tinted?
    1. We include all tinted glass for the hardtop. The tint is similar to the OEM hardtop windows.
  7. Do you have a carbon fiber hardtop available?
    1. No, not at this time.
  8. Can you test your hardtop with a TopLiftPro?
    1. Yes, we will test this in the future.
  9. What do you do with all the take off fenders?
    1. We give them back to the customers. The customers either sell them or toss them. 
  10. Any new professional installation videos coming in the future for the 5” and 8” kits?
    1. No need, the 2” install video provides all the info needed. The 5” and 8” installs are the same as the 2”. 
  11. Is the 8 inch kit wider than Sasquatch flares?
    1. Yes, it is 3” wider than Sasquatch flares. 
  12. Any Bronco Raptor fenders that will be wider and cover the tire? 
    1. Yes, we will be realizing our standard width Braptor renders (same width as factory) next week.
  13. On the 4-door rear 1/4 kit, why isn’t the small piece by the tail light moulded in for a one piece finish?
    1. If it was molded into the rear quarter panel then it would be very difficult to reinstall the OEM plastic cover under the tail light. 
  14. When’s the next sale?
    1. 🤷‍♂️😉
  15. Does your Bronco Raptor kits fit on the standard Bronco as well?
    1. The Bronco Raptor kits are specific to that vehicle only. We have a separate product line for the standard Bronco.
  16. How wide are the 4.5” Bronco Raptor kit you released compared to factory Braptor flares?
    1. The 4.5 inch kit is our slim line version so they are narrower than the stock Bronco Raptor. The factory Braptor is 7.5” wide. We will be releasing our standard width (7.5”) next week.
  17. When will the Bronco Raptor kits be available?
    1. Since we just released the 4.5” renders, with plans to release the 7.5” renders in a week, our next step is to begin making the molds. We expect these parts to be completed in May and shipped to our pre-order customers shortly after.
  18. Can we order the Bronco Raptor kits now?
    1. Yes, visit our website to pre-order!
  19. What kits do you offer for the standard Bronco and the Bronco Raptor?
    1. Standard Bronco: Slim Line (2”), Standard Width (5”), Long Travel (8”)
    2. Bronco Raptor: Slim Line (4.5”), Standard Width (7.5”)
  20. Is there a design difference in fitment between the raptor panels and the standard panels?
    1. The valance, tail lights, rear bummer trim, and gas pod are different on the Bronco Raptor compared to the standard Bronco, which is why we have created two separate product lines to accommodate both vehicles. The Bronco Raptor will have 4.5” & 7.5” kits available, only fitting the Raptor.
  21. What do your parts look like before installation?
    1. Our parts are full panel replacements. It replaces the entire stock fender and rear quarter panel.
  22. Do your fiberglass parts fit well, without any body work?
    1. No extra body work needed for our panels. We have plenty of Bronco customers who can attest to how easy the installation is.