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Ram TRX Runner Prerunner Build

by John Gerwatosky | Jun 2, 2021, 4:05PM

4WD Long Travel 2017 Ram Rebel

This Ram Rebel is a unique build that has the DNA of the original prototype Ram Rebel TRX. It all started when Ram trucks approached us to build the suspension for the TRX prototype truck. Shortly after one of our customers came to us with a 4WD 2017 Ram Rebel wanting a similar build. We started by installing the same front suspension as the TRX prototype and an upgraded version of the rear suspension. Advanced Fiberglass took on the body work. They developed replica TRX fiberglass bedsides, hood, and fenders allowing for proper tire clearance throughout the suspension cycle. The last detail was engine performance. The Ram received a whipple supercharger to complete the entire Ram Rebel TRX prototype replica package!

The Dirt King Ram 1500 Front Long Travel Kit allows for 13.5” of travel and accommodates for 37” tires. The axles, steering, upper arms, and lower control arms are 3” wider per side. This increases the overall track width and stability of the vehicle. The kit also retains the factory sway bar to reduce body roll without compromising its off-road handling.

  • Wheel Travel: 13.5”
  • Amount of Lift: 0-4”
  • Track Width: 3” wider per side
  • Maximum Tire Size: 37”
  • Maximum Backspacing: 4.75”
  • Minimum Rim Size: 17”
  • Coil over Shock Size: 2.5” x 8”

The Dirt King Rear Long Travel is a beefed-up version of the factory suspension to withstand the abuse seen off-roading. The links feature free spinning bushings to allow for more articulation compared to the factory links. The kit consists of fabricated upper links, fabricated lower links, fabricated track bar, extended sway bar end links, limit straps, and all necessary mounting hardware.

  • Suspension Travel: 15" w/ C Notch Frame
  • Adjustable fabricated upper links
  • Adjustable fabricated lower links
  • Adjustable fabricated track bar
  • Adjustable sway bar end links
  • Adjustable swaybar end links
  • Limit straps and mounting hardware