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Beginning of a New Era

by John Gerwatosky | Mar 1, 2017, 11:00AM

What happens when there is a void in the market for quality, custom, and durable aftermarket auto body parts?

What happens when you have access to the most skilled craftsmen in the business?

What happens when you start with the best quality materials and create products in America?

Those are the questions we asked ourselves when we started Advanced Fiberglass Concepts. Like our name suggests, this all started as a concept - as an abstract idea of “what if?” That’s because when we started, the off-road racing industry wasn’t considered a “true sport.” Daily drivers and weekend warriors had incredibly limited options when it came to building race trucks and prerunners. Fenders came cracked from shipping over the border or were made of cheap materials, bedsides warped and wilted. Body panels were generic and not designed to fit specific makes, models, and years.

Why Fiberglass?

Car body panels are mainly manufactured in plastic, steel, or aluminum. So why fiberglass for aftermarket body parts? Fiberglass is lightweight, strong, and resistant to bending. Unlike plastic, which is poured into a mold where it cools and hardens, fiberglass is a combination of several materials that work together to make the entire product stronger. The main components in fiberglass is thread-like strands of glass are laid across one another randomly to create a mat. This is truly a material that is greater than the sum of its parts. Fiberglass is exponentially stronger than the materials that create it are on their own, and that’s why we use fiberglass in our body panels.

We know that these fiberglass body parts are doing more than driving to work on a Wednesday afternoon. Our truck body parts are designed to rage down mountains, blow through snow, ravage rocky terrain, and fly through dunes like a knife through butter. We deliver truck panels that can not only handle this terrain but also rise up to tougher challenges with every ride for years.

Advancing The Scope Of Fenders and Bedsides

At Advanced Fiberglass Concepts, we live up to our name. We use the latest, most advanced techniques, and no custom concept build is too big of a challenge. We create the gold standard in designing and manufacturing fiberglass aftermarket body panels, specifically flared fenders and bedsides. We offer only top-notch products with unbeatable customer service.

To meet the desires of our customers, we offer over 200 different parts. We’ve discovered the most popular makes and models for our designs, from old school models to the newest on the market, we have flared fiberglass fenders and bedsides for your needs. Each fiberglass body part is hand-laid in the USA and has been designed to seamlessly fit your build! From brand to brand, we offer everything you could ever want or need, we are dedicated to bringing you the parts you need to make that custom build.

We look forward to accommodating our dedicated dealers and valued customers. We want to help and serve all who we have the pleasure of doing business with. This may be a new endeavor, but it is one we have been spending our lives preparing for. We look forward to doing business with you.

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