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Nate Barton's - 2015 Toyota Tacoma

“Taco” Tuesday is Nates Favorite.. On a real note, this Tacoma is one of the cleanest 2nd gens we have laid our eyes on which is all thanks to the epic builder, SMP Fabrication. Take a peak at this build list to see what your build is missing out on! 

Builder: SMP Fabrication

Instagram: @LT_yota


  • ADV 4” Front Fenders
  • ADV 4.5” Rear Bedsides
  • Custom Tube Front Bumper
  • Mazzulla Rear Bumper


  • LSK 4.5” Basic 4x4 LT Kit
  • 2.5x8” King Coilovers
  • 2.5x8” King Triple Bypass
  • 2.0x2” King Bumpstops
  • DMZ Spring Under Kit with custom bedcage
  • 2.5x16” King Triple Bypass
  • 2.0x2” King Bumpstops


  • Spectre CAI
  • Cali Raised LED 32” Slim lightbar
  • Nitro Gear 4.88’s

Wheels & Tires

  • 35x12.50x17 General Grabbers
  • Method Race Wheels 17” MR305